Brian Cavanagh

Dynamic leaders and forward-thinking organisations are benefiting from the value of engaging Brian Cavanagh as a leadership and governance specialist, organisation strategist and executive coach.

A trusted adviser, consultant and mentor Brian Cavanagh brings unique perspectives and immense value to organisations and individuals: he has a range of specialisms- from board leadership and governance, strategic positioning and influencing, to how to engage more effectively, all of which deliver lasting high-level results for clients.
His experience of leading in the highly pressurised environments of health and local government, combined with his professional experience and coaching approach, brings a distinctive expertise that is valued by leaders and organisations. Working with CEOs and senior managers he understands the challenges they face and know that how they manage, and lead has a major impact on the success of their organisation. They value the confidential space and individual support that executive coaching brings.
About Brian

Brian is uniquely placed to guide individuals and organisations who need to improve their ability to engage and influence stakeholders more powerfully and strategically.

Differentiating yourself, your organisation, and your services is increasingly challenging. For those who are recognising and acting on that challenge are seeking the quality, experience and commitment of an adviser and coach who can deliver for them in raising their presence and increasing their impact.
Brian Cavanagh Leadership Coach and Mentoring

Brian Cavanagh – 7 Deadly Sins that Boards Commit

How is your board performing? Could it perform better?

A high performing Board is key to your organisation’s success and sustainability. The “Building high performance Boards” is a framework that provides a comprehensive and structured approach to Board development.   


It reviews board dynamics and skills, decision making and how they contribute to board effectiveness and performance, and if, and how they can be strengthened.


So why not contact us and explore how the “Building high performance Boards” framework can help to strengthen and develop your Board.

Is your leadership style working for you?

Would you like to have a leadership approach that you feel comfortable with? If so, why join my free masterclass:

Getting your own leadership style – 5 key steps.


The 45 minute masterclass will share with you the 5 key steps to discovering and shaping your own effective leadership style.