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CEO Reflective Leadership

CEOs need to take time out …. to plan, to prioritise, to reflect, to consider, to think…

Being at the top of the organisation means you’re at the beck and call of many. You don’t need me to tell you about the demands you’re under: the people who want your time and attention, the questions that need answers;
What you DO need me for is to remind you that planned time out for thinking things through is essential for you to do your job well.

If you’re not creating time out, it’s affecting your capacity and confidence in your role

I work with CEO’s just like you who need to create some space to think and plan. They’re short on time, have big agendas, and in just one morning session, I help them gain clarity, set priorities, and develop solutions.
But above all too be an effective CEO you need to engage in critical thinking, and have your own assumptions challenged and tested, and above all encourage your own diversity of thought and that of the board. To do that you need protected time with an independent facilitator to create the space for critical thinking and reflection.
So if the chance for a safe space, working with a coach who has experienced the demands that come from ‘being in charge’ why not contact to discuss how I can support you

Let’s organize a 20 minute discussion: