Brian Cavanagh CONSULTING


The quality of your board governance is the key to an effective organisation. And the quality of the relationships and skills around the board will determine the quality of board performance.

Operating at a time of great uncertainty and increasingly regulatory environment, a high performing board is more important than ever. Even more reasons then, to take the opportunity to reflect on performance and consider how it could be improved upon.
As a Chair and former board member, Brian has experienced many of challenges that boards face. With that distinctive viewpoint, he uses his expertise to offer solutions for the strengthening of board governance and performance. Working on a 1-2-1 basis or with a group mentoring approach, he has a track record of real improvements in board performance and effectiveness.
Welcome to my video series of governance. Entitled, the 7 deadly sins that boards commit, and how to avoid them. Aimed at board members in the not for profit sector, It offers a distinctive insight into what can go wrong on boards and how to correct it.
So, over the next 7 weeks, each week will focus on a sin, its effects, and how to avoid them. The stories in the videos are based on real experiences I have had working with boards. So visit the introductory video and don’t forget to tune into the first week for the sin ‘veering off purpose’