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Influence and Impact – be the leader you want to be

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Influence and Impact – be the leader you want to be

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This programme is designed for those who have just become a Director or CEO. It is an exciting time as you look forward to your new role, and are keen to make an early and positive impact. Based on working with new and first time Directors and CEOs, Brian Cavanagh Consulting has designed this precisely with you in mind.
Over a 6-month period, it will offer focussed learning and action on the areas critical to success in your new leadership role. It will focus on strengthening existing skills, and develop those areas critical to effective leadership, that require improvement.

Over a series of 8 coaching sessions – the be the leader you want to be programme, will support you with all the key elements that a new Director/CEO requires to be effective in. As a result, it will

In addition to the 8 1-2-1 virtual sessions, the programme will include some exercises, unlimited email access and short order calls. A full breakdown of the programme is attached
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