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Leading an organisation in uncertain in tough times requires vision, passion, and clarity on the inside, and ambition, strategic positioning, and positive communication on the outside.

Leadership is about engaging people and marshalling their energy behind the organization’s values, vision, and direction. And as a leader, being clear about who you are, what you stand for, and what you want to create.
Yet even for best of leaders, there are times when you need to stand back, reflect on next steps, and seek support and advice. Knowing what that experience is like, I have designed series of ways to support leaders whether established or new, as well as organisations and businesses.

Trusted Adviser – One to One Mentoring

Chairs of Boards and CEOs – Public Sector, Health Boards, Third Sector, and Commercial.
Having a trusted advisor is the guarantee of having access to expert advice so you can tackle the critical challenges and seize opportunities as they happen. For a CEO or Chair who is already making difficult decisions, and navigating complex issues, having access to someone outside your organisation with experience, insight, and practical advice helps you test the options and see your circumstances from new angles. Having that different perspective will improve the quality of your decision making.
The role of trusted advisor can be exclusively to the CEO, Chair or it can extend to facilitating meetings with boards, team members, managers, or stakeholders as required.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

CEO’s, Directors, and Senior Managers
Being in charge is demanding; getting support to hone your management skills and fine-tune your leadership style helps with direction and decision-making. In a demanding environment, CEOs, need the time to stand back and reflect on their leadership style, and having an executive coach provides that opportunity. Brian Cavanagh Consulting provides programmes and for established leaders who wish to continue their development [Towards Exceptional Leadership], for those newly appointed CEO [Influence and Impact] and for those who are aspiring leaders beginning their leadership journey [Stepping Up]

Each of these programmes provide specialist expertise, dealing with specific issues that are challenging for you, and highlighting where and how to strengthen your leadership. Working with a coach who has experienced many of the challenges you face, the programmes offer you access to distinctive skills and techniques to develop your leadership presence and awareness.

If you wish to find out more about these programmes, please contact for a free consultation or press here for more details.

Developing Influence and Impact

Is your organisation as influential is it could be? Always aiming to influence is essential for organisations, especially for those working in the not- for- profit sector. Strengthening influence is essential for organisations to sustain the future and grow. Working with senior teams I show them how to establish the narrative that showcases their credibility and expert status, ways to demonstrate their critical value, and position their services as essential to success.
So, if you are looking to strengthen your influence and impact, why not contact me for a free consultation or sign up for my masterclass ‘How to Influence for Impact’ or press here.
All programmes have an underlying structure and can be designed to fit your organisation’s goal and is unique each client. The programmes have a range of benefits for leaders and organisations. These include.