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Towards Exceptional Leadership

Towards Exceptional Leadership Programme

Towards Exceptional Leadership

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This programme is designed for those with a Head Leadership position who have established themselves in delivering their role and is now ready to transform their Leadership capabilities to achieve outstanding results. The Towards Exceptional Leadership Programme provides clients with coaching that is focused on one thing…becoming a transformative leader with a significant and sustained increase in leadership effectiveness. It is managed through guiding individuals through a rigorous process of assessment, action planning, and execution to achieve extraordinary results.

Over a 9 month programme, through 1-2-1 coaching sessions, and practical exercises,  designed to consolidate the process, the results will be of a leader that has grown and started to generate transformational results in their own work, in those around them, and for their own organisations.

The main features of Towards Exceptional Leadership include; Developing Leadership style; Managing key relationships; Confidence in your Competence; Increasing your influence and impact; Change and Creativity; Developing Capacity in those around you
The programme follows the structure outline but is also flexible and responsive to the individual needs and goals…
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